Another important role of the church aside from giving the sacraments and holding Eucharistic celebrations is evangelism. It is an activity first done by Jesus's apostles and now is being continued by the church He has built.

The aim of evangelism is to preach the Word of God, especially to those who haven't heard it yet, non-believers or sinners, with the intent to expose God's love to everyone of whatever background, race, color or ethnicity. Christian communities are encouraged to practice evangelism as well as institutions of faith to further spread the good news.


The church holds a Bible Study for everyone to participate. Catechisms and other evangelical activities are also conducted in different times and dates within the parish.

  • Catechisms

  • Parish Recollection (every first Saturday at 7:00 PM)

  • Weekly Bible Study (succeeding Saturdays after the first of the month at 7:00 PM, after the 6:00 PM Anticipated Mass)