The sacrament of matrimony is a union between a man and a woman in face of God and of the community. As with other Catholic churches, the parish gives the sacrament of matrimony to legible couples who wish to start their lives as husbands and wives.

Barasoain Church is considered the “San Agustin Church” of Bulacan because, similar to San Agustin Church in Manila, many couples wish to be married here. These aspiring couples came from the different parts of the Philippines and there are also home-comers from overseas who marry in the church. 

  • Baptismal certificate (Latest, with annotation: "For Marriage Purposes")

  • Confirmation certificate (with annotation: "For Marriage Purposes;" Confirmations every 1st Saturday only)

  • List of sponsors (maximum of 10 pairs, with address)

  • Marriage license (1 original and 3 photocopies)

  • Certificate of No Marriage from National Statistics Office (also called CENOMAR; 1 photocopy)

  • Marriage contract (for civil-married couples only)

  • Interview (please see parish office)

  • Family Life Seminar (1st or 3rd Saturday of the month; 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

  • 3R landscape couple picture (1 copy)

  • Confession (6:00 AM on the Friday before the wedding)

  • Wedding candles, candles for offering, bible, 2 pcs. rosary, crucifix, host and wine (please see parish office for details)

The church charges a rate of Php 6 500.00 (choir not included) with Php 2 000.00 reservation fee (non-refundable) for weddings. Rates are the same for every day of the week. However, please note that there may be other charges depending on the amenities, services availed and needs that may arise during the ceremony.

The church also offers several of its facilities for hosting receptions.


Several forms to facilitate marriage application are available in the Downloads page with the printer-friendly version of the list of requirements and list of suggested choirs included.


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