The Parish Publications, under the Commission on Social Communications, is the organization responsible for publishing paper-bound works in the parish including the parish newsletter, "Ang Eskapularyo" ("The Scapular" in English). These publications It showcase special messages to church-goers about the programs, achievements, updates, reflections and future activities of the parish. The publications are written either in Filipino or English and may be bought in the parish or acquired free of charge depending on the work published.


The previous and latest issues of the newsletter are available both in print and digital formats.


Printed copies are distributed in the church during Sundays. Digital copies of the current and previous issues of the newsletter are made available in the parish website on the Downloads page.


It was in 1995 when the job of creating a newsletter was handed in the Commission on Social Communications in the parish. It started its life as "Ang Eskapularyo," or "The Scapular" in English, referring to the garment associated with the devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

On the second Sunday of January 1995, the name of the newsletter was born out of a scapular seen by Nilo Valerio in the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the church. When he kissed to it, the name "Ang Eskapularyo" (The Scapular) struck in his head to be the name of the official parish newsletter.
After the mass, he called out the best graphic artist in the Ministry of Altar Servers and they discussed the idea of a newsletter; later they created a sketch that will be the first draft of the newsletter, researches were made and at the end of the day, everything was made - and presented on the following meeting.
On February 1995 during the meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council, the name and logo of the newsletter was presented. The draft was presented to every member and was given an approval. Next were the copies of the newsletter in the mimeograph because there are is no funds yet given for printing. Fortunately, funds were ultimately given for mass production of the newsletter which has evolved into the present newsletter known as "Ang Eskapularyo."

In 2013, the name of the newsletter was changed from "Ang Eskapularyo" to "Ang Simbahan ng Kalayaan" (The Church of Freedom) to promote the church's historical background as well as to solidify its identity as it's official newsletter.
The name of the newsletter reverted to "Ang Eskapularyo" (The Scapular) in 2014.

Since then, the job of creating the newsletter has expanded and is the organization responsible for releasing published works for the parish.