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New Parish Website Launched

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish - Barasoain Church welcomes the New Year with the launching of the redesigned official website. This redesign is the result of the feedback given by the users with the aim to increase usability, increase in loading times and faster performance.

Several of the changes introduced in this revision of the official website include:

  • Implementation of a new layout and design of the website

  • Removal and/or updating of outdated content

  • Compliance with prevailing HTML5 standards

  • Reintroduction of Downloads page with new content

  • Redesign of the home page to display information needed by visitors

  • New images on the website

This version of website also drops support for Internet Explorer for all versions due to it being succeeded by Microsoft Edge.

With the migration of content from the previous website to the new website, the internal search engine may not work immediately as intended as the index is being updated and refreshed.

The official website is currently maintained by the Commission on Social Communications - Committee on Social Media and Publication. For feedback or inquiries, the parish may be contacted at the official email address at contact@barasoainchurch.org.