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Holy Week Activities A Success

The Holy Week activities lined up by the parish this year have been a complete success. In the concluding remarks by Fr. Dario V. Cabral and Bro. Bernard Factor Canaberal, they have thanked those people who have been part and assisted in the production of this year's activities.

People from all over the nearby places and even those in far areas from Bulacan have come to celebrate the Holy Week by doing the traditional Visita Iglesia. Many people flocked to pray the Stations of the Cross hanging in the church's walls. Also, many have also come to appreciate the historical and religious heritage of the church.

This year's activity began on Psalm Sunday (25 March 2018) and concluded on Easter Sunday (1 April 2018).

The highlight activity of this year is the annual Seven Last Words which on its second year is directed by Bro. Bernard Factor Canaberal. Similar to the activity last year, prominent guests have been invited: Vangie Labalan, Sharmaine and Nonie Buencamino, Director Tony Reyes, Ansel Beluso, Queenie Velasco, the wife of the late painter Joey Velasco.

Also, the design of the Repository of the Blessed Sacrament this year has garnered praises and positive responses from visitors and people from the social media website Facebook.

The Parish Commission on Youth has also prepared the annual passion play entitled "Jesus Christ Superstar" based on the rock opera of the similar name. It was met with critical acclaim from the audience.

The parish would like to thank the people who have helped in making the activities a success this year.