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Parish Steps-Up in Response to COVID-19

In response to the government guidelines to deal with the COVID-19 transmissions in the country, the parish has taken several measures to contain infections that may occur.

Earlier, the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines has issued guidelines to refrain the faithful from touching hands and communion by hands only. Now, the parish will also be emptying the holy water containers in the church as another measure.

The Diocese of Malolos has announced also that the faithful are dispensed from their holy obligations on the following two Sundays (15 and 22 March 2020). The church will still hold masses on these days and live streaming will be available and effectively extended to also cover the Saturday (6:00 PM) and Sunday evening (5:30 PM and 6:30 PM) masses.

People are also encouraged to pray the Act of Spiritual Communion Catholic Prayer and Oratio Imperata against COVID-19.

Earlier, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines also announced the closing of it's museums, including the one located in Barasoain Church.

The faithful are strongly advised to follow the guidelines and advisories coming from official sources.