As a religious institution, the church provides services for the development of the spirituality of people. Most of the services provided by Barasoain Church is on the religious side including the giving of sacraments and Eucharistic celebrations. As an institution however the church provides more than just spiritual uplifting of the people. It also embraces the social needs and formation of the youth and empowerment of the different sectors of the community. These activities put the church not just only as a religious institution but also an institution of personality and community development.

Those who wish to avail any of these services may contact the parish.


Baptism is an important Christian ritual wherein the new member is formally accepted in the church. It is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through this sacrament we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission.

Besides being a religious celebration, it also became a cultural tradition of family gatherings and renewal of relations of the society's institutions. As a religious institution, the parish is committed to delivering the solemnity of celebration for the new member.


  • Birth certificate from either the National Statistics Office or Civil Registrar; 1 original and 1 photocopy


  • Every Sundays - 12:00 PM (mass baptisms)

  • Mondays - no baptisms for this day

  • Tuesdays to Saturdays (for individual baptisms only; schedule at the parish office)


  • Sunday baptisms - PHP 600.00 + PHP 10.00 for every sponsor (ninong or ninang)

  • Individual baptisms - PHP 1450.00 + PHP 10.00 for every sponsor (ninong or ninang)


  • Registration should be done one week before the actual date of baptism.

  • Observe punctuality

  • Candles for sponsors (godfathers and godmothers) can be bought for PHP 3.00 a piece.

  • If there is a wedding on the scheduled time of baptism, it will be held inside the sacristy. Three sponsors (3 godfathers and 3 godmothers are allowed to join inside; others will stay in the garden)

  • Show the official receipt in claiming the baptismal certificate.


Blessings in a religious sense, is the asking of favor, guidance and petition for a certain cause, people or objects. This is done to signify the importance of God in everyday lives as well as recognizing the power of the Almighty in guiding and securing one's life, work or property from harm. The church, serving as an institution centered on religion, acts as a bridge for these services.

​The rites consist of a duly-certified priest in which persons, objects or petitions are sanctified for Divine guidance and intervention.


The church as a Catholic institution, holds Eucharistic celebration on a regular basis daily. It is the primary service of the church. It is emphasized in every activities and events as the centerpiece of the rituals in the Catholic faith.

The Catholic Church sees the Mass or Eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life," to which the other sacraments are oriented. Masses are held to announce and internalize God's words, to ask for forgiveness of sins and to commemorate and participate in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as seen during the Holy Week celebrations and to receive Christ in communion.

Masses are held on certain times of the week, mostly on Sundays and Holy Celebrations in the calendar of the Catholic Church. The masses are in Filipino. Aside from the celebration of the Holy Mass, the church also holds novenas, rosary prayers, hold holy hours and vigils to commemorate a certain saint and to strengthen the faith of the people.

The schedule of masses during holy celebrations are announced after regular masses in the weeks prior to the celebrations and through this website.


Barasoain Church holds several services to develop and improve the lives of the people it serves. It also seeks to holistically develop the personality and relations of every one who needs it. In its mission to serve the people especially those who need it, the church provides services for their growth and formation.

​The church currently holds formation services on youth, married couples, singles and also to other sectors of the society who may need it.


"The youth is the hope of the nation" as Dr. Jose Rizal had once said. True to these words, the youth holds the best potential for the development and improvement of the community. As young as they may be, they continually explore the world they live in yet their minds are capable enough to think of ways to evolve it.

​Barasoain Church, through its Commission on Youth, holds several youth-oriented activities and programs for the improvement of the young people in the parish and elsewhere who may be willing. Developmental activities oriented to the young people aim to develop them not only in terms of spirituality but also physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. They include seminars, formation activities, recollections, retreats, film showing and vocation ministry. These programs not only help the young people to become future productive citizens of the community but also a leader of the initiatives to improve the society.


Family is the basic unit of the society. The church, as a part of that society, must protect the sanctity of life and marriage and to ensure that the family is a place of love and care for each of its members. At the same time, the parish recognizes the importance of developing the personality of the singles and couples who may be contemplating their vocation and plans for long term relationship.

The Commission on Family and Life holds programs for the development, improvement and strengthening of the family ties and recognizing the role of every family member in their homes. Seminars, counselling sessions and other activities are held in response to their mission of emphasizing the family as the center of the community while at the same time addressing the challenges that face families as a whole.

​Also, couples who wish to get married are required to undergo seminars about marriage and married life as part of orientation activities before the wedding.


The church, showing the compassion and love that Christ has shown, cannot afford to miss the opportunity to help the people especially the poor, the sick and the weak in their suffering. Evangelism of the word of God must be complemented by action to help them. There are countless people needing attention and help. Calamities, tragedies and unfortunate events may compound the problem even more.

To respond to these challenges, the church has established organizations, fielded volunteers and planned and executed charity programs to attend to their needs. Immediate needs of the needy are given when the need arises. The social services of the parish are evident in the programs conducted by the church for the people it serves who benefit from these activities.


The church with its spacious facilities can host a wide range of events. With its historical significance, it has been selected numerous times to be a venue be it for personal celebrations or big parties.

The church has a spacious garden and a multi-purpose hall that can be used for a variety of celebrations and receptions.

The church offers the following facilities for various purposes:


The courtyard caters receptions and parties. It features a vibrant natural atmosphere surrounded by plants and landscaping. It also has a wide pavement area in the middle for buffet tables and makeshift stages. However, the availability of the garden depends on the weather conditions. It can handle up to 300 people.


The Multi-Purpose Hall caters mostly to programs, seminars and meetings though funerals and receptions can also be held in here. The hall features dividers to separate several small events but can be folded for large gatherings. It can accomodate an estimated 100 people. It is also equipped with airconditioning units and a kitchen for receptions.​


Interested parties may chose the following venues depending on their needs, with their corresponding rates:

  • Giron Hall (Multi-purpose Hall) - PHP 15 000.00

  • Courtyard (Garden) - PHP 15 000.00

  • Both the hall and the courtyard - PHP 25 000.00


The sacrament of matrimony is a union between a man and a woman in face of God and of the community. As with other Catholic churches, the parish gives the sacrament of matrimony to legible couples who wish to start their lives as husbands and wives.

​Barasoain Church is considered the “San Agustin Church” of Bulacan because, similar to San Agustin Church in Manila, many couples wish to be married here. These aspiring couples came from the different parts of the Philippines and there are also home-comers from overseas who marry in the church.


  1. Book a reservation (preparation must be at least 1 month)

  2. Fill-up application forms

  3. Interview (wait for text message for schedule)

  4. Baptismal Certificate (with annotation: "For Marriage Purposes")

  5. Confirmation Certificate (with annotation: "For Marriage Purposes")

  6. Wedding Banns for both parties

  7. 2X2 photo (with name written at the back)

  8. Pre-Cana seminar (1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

  9. Marriage license (original and 3 copies of page 2; submit every Friday and Saturday only)

  10. Wedding invitation (write your email address and follow the format)

  11. Confession (any parish)

  12. Addresses of 1 godfather and 1 godmother (ninong and ninang)

  13. Officiating priest / license (if needed)


  • Reservation Fee (non-refundable but moveable) - PHP 2 000.00

  • Simple wedding at the sacristy - PHP 1 000.00

  • Regular wedding and flowers free - PHP 15 000.00


Every Tuesday to Sundays only at the following time slots:

  • 9:30 AM

  • 11:00 AM

  • 2:00 PM

  • 3:30 PM


  1. Fill-up the application forms and submit them.

  2. Wait for the schedule of your interview (message will be sent through text message)

  3. Submit the 2x2 ID photos with names on the back.

  4. After the interview, the marriage banns should be submitted to the couples' respective parishes.

  5. Furnish a copy of baptismal and confirmation certificates with annotation: "For Marriage Purposes"

  6. For those over the age of 25, apply and get a Certificate of No Marriage from the Philippine Statistics Authority

  7. After getting the Certificate of No Marriage, proceed to the city hall and apply for a Marriage License

  8. Attend the scheduled Pre-Cana seminar at the parish

  9. Send the line-up of your wedding entourage using the format sent to your email address

  10. Submit names of 1 godfather and 1 godmother (ninong and ninang) with complete address

  11. Settle the payments at the parish office 2 weeks before the wedding.

  12. Go to Confession a day before the wedding.