The church, showing the compassion and love that Christ has shown, cannot afford to miss the opportunity to help the people especially the poor, the sick and the weak in their suffering. Evangelism of the word of God must be complemented by action to help them. There are countless people needing attention and help. Calamities, tragedies and unfortunate events may compound the problem even more.


To respond to these challenges, the church has established organizations, fielded volunteers and planned and executed charity programs to attend to their needs. Immediate needs of the needy are given when the need arises. The social services of the parish are evident in the programs conducted by the church for the people it serves who benefit from these activities.


The church holds medical missions for the poor and the needy. They are manned by trained staff and medical practioners who serve the community through their profession. Bundled laboratory services for those who may need it are also available for a small fee. These medical missions are held in certain times of the year.


A scholarship program is currently being undertaken by the parish to assist young but deserving students who may need financial assistance in their studies. The beneficiaries of these program do not only receive financial support but also spiritual development and holistic formation as part of their scholarship.

The church also holds programs and activities to support the scholarship program. For those interested to help and sponsor in the program, please send an email to the official email address at


The parish also provides programs that assists indigenous and poor sectors of the community through gift-giving programs and relief operations. The church continuously responds to the challenges of the society in the economic status, social well-being and disaster relief and management of the affected communities. These programs aim to bring help and relief to those affected by various calamities and to give aid to the poor and the needy.


These activities, similar to the scholarship program require help and assistance from those who are willing to give and help. For those interested to help in these activities, please send an email to the official email address at