Patron Saint: Holy Cross
Person In-Charge: Macario Sebastian
Patron Saint: St. Bartholomew
Person In-Charge: Teresita Adriano
Patron Saint: St. Sebastian
Person In-Charge: Lorvie Cruz
Patron Saint: Holy Cross
Person In-Charge: Bernadette Reyes
San Agustin
Patron Saint: St. Augustine
Person In-Charge: Ma. Ethel Solis
San Gabriel
Patron Saint: St. Gabriel the Archangel
Person In-Charge: Leda Flores
Capitol View
Patron Saint: Holy Family
Person In-Charge: Heidi Danao
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To better serve the people within the parish jurisdiction, the church has seven sub-parishes that serve the villages in which they are located. Each villages have their own chapel that is related to the parish and is managed by a particular Sub-Parish Pastoral Council. Similar to the structure of the Parish Pastoral Council, the Sub-Parish Pastoral Council is also composed of officers headed by a Person-in-Charge in which, as a whole, serve as the overall decision-making body in a sub-parish. Each Sub-Parish Pastoral Council reports to the Parish Pastoral Council of their activities and their plans. In addition, most organizations in the Parish Pastoral Council have Sub-Parish Pastoral Council chapters which focuses on serving that particular area.

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