An important factor in the success of the community of the parish is the presence of the lay people. Ranging from staff members to the volunteers they form an integrated part of the proper functioning and service delivery to the people who need the parish community the most.


The parish employs people to provide full-time service to the needs of the people. These people are trained in their respective skills and jobs and serve as the front line in providing church services to the people.

As the parish serves a lot of people, the service provided by these staff are indispensable. The dedication of the staff workers is the important reason why the church is able to serve in its fullest. They carry out their duties, responsibilities and tasks with utmost service with the desire to help and assist in every manner to those who need it.

The staff members embody the principles of the parish mission and vision. They translate their dedication to their tasks to the commitment to serve carrying the badge of kindness, values and spirit that embody the community.


The church, though employs people to serve full-time, also relies on volunteers to carry out the tasks in the parish. These people, armed with commitment, dedication and desire to serve, form the largest group of servants in the parish.

Being the largest group, they carry out most of the important tasks in the parish. These people range from young to the elderly and different backgrounds united with the single purpose to serve and help. They pour out their talents, skills, knowledge and more importantly, their time in their wish to be part of the church community. Like the parish staff, they also embody the spirit of service along with teamwork, persistence and perseverance.


Yet, despite having a number of volunteers, the large number of visitors, parishioners, devotees and religious people coming into the church demands the continuous development, recruitment and training of volunteers to serve. The parish is always on the look for people who want to serve wholeheartedly in the church services.

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