The church with its spacious facilities can host a wide range of events. With its historical significance, it has been selected numerous times to be a venue be it for personal celebrations or big parties.
The church has a spacious garden and a multi-purpose hall that can be used for a variety of celebrations and receptions.
The church offers the following facilities for various purposes:


The courtyard caters receptions and parties. It features a vibrant natural atmosphere surrounded by plants and landscaping. It also has a wide pavement area in the middle for buffet tables and makeshift stages. However, the availability of the garden depends on the weather conditions. It can handle up to 300 people.


The Multi-Purpose Hall caters mostly to programs, seminars and meetings though funerals and receptions can also be held in here. The hall features dividers to separate several small events but can be folded for large gatherings. It can accomodate an estimated 100 people. It is also equipped with airconditioning units and a kitchen for receptions.​


Interested parties may chose the following venues depending on their needs, with their corresponding rates:

  • GIron Hall (Multi-purpose Hall) - PHP 15 000.00

  • Courtyard (Garden) - PHP 15 000.00

  • Both the hall and the courtyard - PHP 25 000.00


Interested parties may personally visit the Parish Office for reservations on the multi-purpose hall or garden for events. Please also state the equipment that will be used during the event.
For more information, please contact the parish.