The Pastoral Parish Council was formed to help the rector of the parish in creating a God-driven community in a parish, to serve as a general relations group and organizer of activities and pastoral programs. It was founded to help realize the aim to have a true Godly community in the parish; it promotes cooperation between people and cooperation between groups and movements in the parish; help in the delivery and spreading of God-centered faith and develop the faithful’s religious and moral life and worship God through the liturgy. The PPC of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish was formed in 1972 during the term of Msgr. Angel Pengson as the rector. The first president is Bro. Fortunato Limpo who served from 1972-1985.

The programs of PPC is based on the primary mission of the church that everyone should attain eternal life. It satisfies the program and needs of the parish to achieve its mission and aim that every parishioner should receive eternal life and salvation. Despite that every organization has its own function and program, all of them that is under the seven commissions have a general aim to satisfy the mission and programs of the parish.

 The overall chairman of PPC is the rector. As a overall chairman, he is tasked of leading the PPC Officers, Parish Executive Board (Exeboard) and its different commissions and groups. The PPC meets every third week of the month to discuss important programs of the parish to attain the needs of the church and the mission of evangelization.