As a religious institution, the church plays a vital role in offering support and solace to the departed and their grieving families through a range of religious services. These services encompass the hosting of wakes, conducting liturgical ceremonies for the deceased, and managing the Barasoain Catholic Cemetery, a sacred resting place for burials.


Among the essential Catholic funeral rituals is the practice of holding a vigil service and wake for the deceased. During this solemn period, the departed individual is commemorated for their life on Earth. This occasion is marked by the reading of Sacred Scripture, accompanied by moments of reflection and prayer. It provides an opportunity to fondly recall the life of the departed and entrust their soul to God's care. The wake serves as a time for the grieving family to find solace and support through collective prayer and reflection.

Furthermore, the church extends its support by offering a mortuary facility for hosting wakes. This dedicated space is conveniently situated at the side entrance of the church, facing Don Antonio Bautista Street. Those desiring prayer services and masses for the deceased during this challenging time are encouraged to get in touch with the parish office for assistance and arrangements.


Before the burial or cremation of the departed, funeral masses can be conducted within the church to honor the deceased. The requiem mass holds a central place in the liturgical traditions of the Catholic community, providing an opportunity for the Church to come together with the grieving family and friends. During this service, gratitude is expressed to God for the victory of Christ over sin and death, and the departed individual is entrusted to God's boundless mercy and compassion. Simultaneously, the funeral liturgy aids family members in coming to terms with the stark reality of their loved one's passing. It serves as both an act of worship and a means of seeking strength in the proclamation of the Paschal Mystery. Those wishing to schedule a requiem mass can coordinate with the parish office for arrangements.


The Barasoain Catholic Cemetery stands as a sacred burial ground under the ownership of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Malolos, represented by the parish priest of Barasoain Church. This consecrated resting place accommodates individuals seeking interment for their deceased loved ones, as well as those who have chosen cremation and wish to preserve the ashes in a columbary.

Families interested in laying their departed to rest in the Barasoain Catholic Cemetery are encouraged to reach out to the parish office. The parish office can provide information regarding terms, requirements, availability, and scheduling, ensuring that the departed are granted a dignified and sacred final resting place.