Barasoain Church holds several services to develop and improve the lives of the people it serves. It also seeks to holistically develop the personality and relations of every one who needs it. In its mission to serve the people especially those who need it, the church provides services for their growth and formation.

​The church currently holds formation services on youth, married couples, singles and also to other sectors of the society who may need it.


"The youth is the hope of the nation" as Dr. Jose Rizal had once said. True to these words, the youth holds the best potential for the development and improvement of the community. As young as they may be, they continually explore the world they live in yet their minds are capable enough to think of ways to evolve it. 

​Barasoain Church, through its Commission on Youth, holds several youth-oriented activities and programs for the improvement of the young people in the parish and elsewhere who may be willing. Developmental activities oriented to the young people aim to develop them not only in terms of spirituality but also physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. They include seminars, formation activities, recollections, retreats, film showing and vocation ministry. These programs not only help the young people to become future productive citizens of the community but also a leader of the initiatives to improve the society.


Family is the basic unit of the society. The church, as a part of that society, must protect the sanctity of life and marriage and to ensure that the family is a place of love and care for each of its members. At the same time, the parish recognizes the importance of developing the personality of the singles and couples who may be contemplating their vocation and plans for long term relationship.

The Commission on Family and Life holds programs for the development, improvement and strengthening of the family ties and recognizing the role of every family member in their homes. Seminars, counselling sessions and other activities are held in response to their mission of emphasizing the family as the center of the community while at the same time addressing the challenges that face families as a whole.

​Also, couples who wish to get married are required to undergo seminars about marriage and married life as part of orientation activities before the wedding.