Barasoain Church is dedicated to enhancing the well-being and personal growth of the individuals it serves while fostering stronger relationships among its members. With a commitment to serving those in need, the church offers a range of services aimed at nurturing personal development and building connections within the community.

Currently, the church hosts a variety of formation services catering to different segments of the population, including youth, married couples, singles, and other sectors within society seeking guidance and support.


As the saying goes, "The youth is the hope of the nation," a sentiment famously expressed by Dr. Jose Rizal. Indeed, young individuals possess immense potential to drive positive change within their community. Barasoain Church, under the auspices of its Commission on Youth, actively engages in a plethora of youth-oriented activities and programs. These initiatives are designed not only to nurture the spiritual growth of young people but also to support their physical, social, mental, and emotional development. The offerings include seminars, formation activities, spiritual retreats, film screenings, and vocational ministry. By participating in these programs, young individuals are not only poised to become productive citizens but also leaders capable of instigating meaningful societal improvements.


Recognizing the family as the fundamental building block of society, the church is dedicated to safeguarding the sanctity of life and marriage, ensuring that each family serves as a sanctuary of love and care for its members. Additionally, the parish acknowledges the significance of nurturing the personal growth and relationships of singles and couples who may be contemplating their lifelong commitments.

The Commission on Family and Life orchestrates programs aimed at the development, enhancement, and fortification of familial bonds, while emphasizing the roles of each family member within their respective households. These programs encompass a range of activities, including seminars and counseling sessions, aligned with the mission to underscore the family as the heart of the community. Simultaneously, these efforts address the various challenges encountered by families as a whole.

Moreover, couples intending to marry are required to participate in seminars focusing on marriage and married life as part of their orientation activities prior to their wedding ceremony. This holistic approach ensures that individuals and families within the parish receive comprehensive support to nurture their personal development, relationships, and spiritual well-being.